The Book of God, Chapter 1

Blessed be the way.


Nothing can be granted if we do not first ask for it,

for how can God fulfill a request that has not been made?

We are men and women of free will, and so we must ask to receive.

Whether it is forgiveness, abundance, peace, or even love;

we must first seek it before we may find it.

We must ask before it can be given.

This is the way of the Lord.


Seek not those things that do not serve you,

Seek not what will cause harm to others.

Ask not for evil, and evil shall not be given.

Ask not for judgment, and judgment shall not be given.


Be wise in what you seek, and wise counsel shall find you.

Be loving in your ways, and loving ways shall seek you.

Be kind and courageous, for the Lord your God is upon you,

And His love for you is eternal.


In the depths of his despair, Job prayed for Jesus Christ.

The Lord passed His humble servant through the fire

to stratify the seeds of our redemption.

For we must ask before we may receive,

and the prayers of one can stand for the needs of many.

This is the way of the Lord.


Fear not and take heart, for the time of prophecies is upon us.

The word will awaken within you, my children,

And you shall open before it as the flower that blooms at dawn.

I am a gardener who carefully tends His lawn,

And some things must be cut so that others may grow.

This is the way of the Lord.


Take heed my dear children and listen,

For it is not for you to do the cutting.

By your hand none should fall,

By my hand none shall fall.

This too is the way of the Lord


Why uproot the plant when it need only be pruned?

Why destroy the garden when it need only be tended?

It is you who have prophesied your own destruction,

For the understanding of my Word has become distorted.

Like a bitter rain it falls upon the Earth.


But all that happens does so with my knowledge

And things are made wrong only to be made right again,

For it is in resurrection that we learn,

and it is from the mistake that a folly is corrected.

Through redemption we are taught to forgive.

Through arrogance we may find humility.


The road is yours to travel as you will,

Tread not blindly and you shall find the Way of the Lord.

Walk with eyes closed and still you shall stumble upon it.

The Lord your God is within you, and so none can hide from His sight,

Though many hide Him from theirs.

This too is the way of the Lord.


For you create in accordance with the Divine,

And it is by our hands together that the Earth is wrought.

Seek not to blame, and the Way becomes clear.

Seek not to condemn, and your light will shine.


For I, the Lord, am your Father,

And my children I shall not abandon.

This is the way of the Lord.

Praise to you oh Lord.


Be mindful of how you pray.

Be mindful of how you think, speak, and act.

For every word that crosses your mind is a request,

And doubly-so when it crosses your lips.

Every action is a statement unto the Lord

And unto all the inhabitants of the Earth.


It is from the smallest of actions that the greatest arise,

and all are in agreement as to the reality of the whole.

Take heed of what you are agreeing to,

And ask if it truly serves the highest good

Of Earth and Heaven alike.


For the time of false prophecy is also upon us,

and from its way you shall learn discernment.

What truth within you do you hold?

It is by your own truth that your path shall be lit.

Let not others sway you,

Find your truth and you shall see God.

This is the way of the Lord.


Heavy is the hand that holds universal law,

and many are the rules man ascribes to God.

This I tell you now, so listen,

there is only one rule in this and every life:

love unconditionally.

From this rule, all else follows.


For what Way could I teach other than love?

How can I speak it so that you will know?

What words will bring you understanding?

You were raised in punishment and sin,

but sin is an action taken that is not understood.

What is punishment then but a teacher?


The world exists as a system, on every plane.

Action gives rise to reaction, and then to action again.

God suffers the blame for your hardships,

But it is by your own hand that hardship is brought upon you.


Seek not to live by rules alone, for rules preclude understanding.

It is through understanding that the Way of the Lord will show,

It is through understanding that you will see.

Unconditional love is the Way of the Lord.


Without understanding, the world cries for destruction.

My children, why do you continuously seek the same dead ends?

Without understanding, actions repeat themselves.

Each new generation carries the weight of those that came before.

Open your eyes and see, then the weight will be lifted from you.


Dare to question all that is, and all that is true will be shown to you.

For your hearts know what your minds cannot yet see.

A new day is dawning my beautiful children.

Time turns as the tides, and ages rise and fall.

Who among you can say you have not felt it?

Who among you can truly look without seeing?


The signs of change show that end times are indeed upon you.

But their purpose is not to destroy you, my beloved child.

Every ending is simply a means to new beginnings.

It is not you who ends, but the old ways of seeing and of being.

This is the Way of the Lord.

Praise to you oh Lord.


And praise to you my children,

for you are beloved by God,

now and forever